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Everything you need to know about Arcadegeddon.

Arcadegeddon – Solo Gameplay

Arcadegeddon je nová PvE akcia od autorov Friday the 13th: The Game a Predator: Hunting Grounds, v ktorej svet zachraňujete od zlej megakorporácie vydávaním sa na výpravy do automatovej megahry.

Toto video je z hrania špeciálnej novinárskej verzie hry pred vydaním a nereprezentuje aktuálnu Early Access verziu hry.

This footage was taken from a special media access build of the game and is not representative of the Early Access product.

Platformy: PC, PS5
Dátum vydania (Early Access): 8. júla 2021
Strih: Matúš Štrba
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Arcadegeddon | Анонсирующий трейлер | PS5

Приберегите монетки. Arcadegeddon – многопользовательский шутер от студии IllFonic в духе аркадных игр, и ранний доступ к нему открывается уже сегодня:


Arcadegeddon – #1 Solo’s – 313,318 points

Figured I should upload this just in case Twitch delete’s the VoD. Absolutely loving this little rogue-like shooter, the movement, shooting, style, and arcade mechanics are so well done. Only started recording late into it when I realized it would be the #1 run, but you still have a good chunk of this 6.5 hour run. Hey, have you tried playing Krunker IO yet? Check it out here

I haven’t been playing too many PvP shooters of late but instead have been doing a lot of Kovaak’s and Rogue-likes, so if this does well I might start posting more Gunfire Reborn, Roboquest, and Risk of Rain 2.

Hopefully you enjoy the gameplay!

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