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Deal with the Bandits – Path of Exile Guide

Deal with the Bandits – Path of Exile Guide

Welcome to the Walkthrough for the quest Deal with the Bandits in Path of Exile. This section will provide you the most straight-forward path to progress

[3.18]Pyroclast Mine Saboteur Path of Exile Build Guide


0:00 Intro
0:10 Gameplay video
1:42 Build overview
3:25 Gear, Jewels, Flasks
9:59 Skill Gems and Sockets
12:44 Pantheon, Bandits, and Passive Tree

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[3.16]Physical Reave Slayer Path of Exile Build Guide


0:00 Intro
0:10 Gameplay video
1:28 Build overview
3:13 Gear, Jewels, Flasks
9:48 Skill Gems and Sockets
12:45 Bandits, Pantheon, and Passive Tree

#poe #poebuild #slayer #reave #pathofexile #impale

POE Quick Tips: Bandits – Why You Should Help Alira (& Respec Later) at League Start – Path of Exile

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Act 2 offers 4 choices – help Alira, kill all bandits, help Kraityn or help Oak. Respeccing costs 20 regret orbs.

No changes are expected in 3.18, this will be updated if there are any.

As of 3.17, the rewards for helping Oak or Kraityn are too small to consider. Killing all bandits often has the best reward (2 passive points) once your character is very well established – level 90+ and in good to great gear.

But helping Alira will help you a lot while your character is still weak – and even if killing all bandits is the right long-term choice for your build, it’s usually best to help Alira early then respec.

The time Alira’s early game power saves you will easily allow you to farm 20 regret orbs once your character outgrows the need for Alira’s resist boost and mana and can afford jewels with more critical strike multiplier.

Most of the alternative ways to handle mana early league are items you can’t afford early on a first character (Replica Conqueror’s Efficiency), take up a very valuable item slot (Praxis, mana flasks) or require reserving lots of mana (Clarity)

Important caveat: if you think you will forget to respec, and your endgame plan is to kill all bandits, then go with your endgame plan while in act 2.

For Righteous Fire builds, the advice in this video should be ignored and you should help Eramir. RF definitely gets the least from Alira as the biggest part of Alira’s power (the mana) isn’t important.

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