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Food Recipes – Monster Hunter 4 Guide

Food Recipes – Monster Hunter 4 Guide

Heading out for a quest? Why not stop by the Street Cook and order up a meal? Chomping down on some kind of food before leaving for a quest will grant you

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: Welcome To G Rank!

Warning : loud video ! You just got into G rank and you are looking for a new armor ? How unfornatunate, a mysterious monster decided to interfere…

Special thanks to AkantoreX for the voice clips. You can find them here :


The Art in the Thumbnail was made by Shrugsyolo. They have a store where you can find their art :


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����The music used for this video����
– Rajang’s theme (old world)
– MH4U Apex monster theme
– Hajime No ippo : The Finisher
– Pokemon B/W: Driftveil City

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – Ukanlos [Tips on Fighting It]

**First off I said that he debuted in MH3rd, which was not hte case. I keep making myself look like an idiot kuz I never played MHFU -_-‘ **

Ukanlos is one heck of a big body who, despite his size, can move pretty fast. I often find myself spinning the camera around looking for him. I hope you guys enjoy the video. I’d like to think that the fight is way better than the commentary lol

Weapon: Soul of Prominence

Armor: Chameleos Full

Skills: HG Earplugs, Status Atk +2, Windproff (Hi), Sharpness +1, Status Crit, Heat Surge.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Tutorial – Relic Armor & Weapons

You guys wanted to know about Relics, so here it is! 🙂
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Relic Weapons:

Relic Armour:

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